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Bahco Bow Saw With Pointed Nose 331-21-51-KP

Bahco Bow Saw With Pointed Nose 331-21-51-KP


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The Bahco 331 bow saw is a compact all-purpose saw constructed with a lightweight metal frame and slim pointed nose that easily maneuvers tight spaces. High-tension blade construction and sturdy, easy to grip handles optimize comfort and safety. Features Bahco's 51 series hard-point peg toothing specially designed for cutting hard and mature wood. Systematic tooth extension ensures efficient chip removal. Bevel-filed sharp edges cut on both pull and push stroke motions for maximum productivity. The versatile 331 bow saw is ideal for multipurpose use, including garden pruning, landscape applications, and roofing work. Made in France.
Length 530mm/21in
Toothing model 51
Weight 615g/21.7oz

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