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Bahco ERGO 30 Inch Bow Saw 10-30-23

Bahco ERGO 30 Inch Bow Saw 10-30-23

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The Bahco 10 bowsaw is expertly developed according to Bahco's innovative ERGO design process for superior performance and exceptional durability. High-tension blade construction facilitates straighter, faster cutting of live and green wood. Razor-sharp raker blade teeth effortlessly saw through tough branches and lumber on both push and pull stroke motions for ultimate precision and rapid chip removal. Ergonomic handle with knuckle guard provides continuous comfort and safety while working. Lightweight steel frame is enamel coated to resist rust and corrosion. Ideal for demanding applications and tough environments such as forestry, construction, and landscaping. Features Bahco's patented hard-point 23 model blade teeth designed for cutting live and green wood. Made in France.
Length 760mm/30in.
Weight 865g/30.5oz

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