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Bahco Foldable Pruning Saw With JS Blade 396-JS

Bahco Foldable Pruning Saw With JS Blade 396-JS


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The Bahco 396-JS Folding Saw rapidly cuts live wood and thick branches with maximum precision. Bahco's durable hard-point JS blade toothing design facilitates efficient wood chip removal and extremely powerful cutting action. Hardened blade with innovative concave surface for reduced friction and better performance. Locking mechanism operates in both open and closed position for safe use and transportation. Dual-material handle is comfortable and easy to grip. Ideal for specialized use and thick branches in viticulture, pomology, and landscaping. 5 hard-point teeth per inch. Replacement blade available. Made in France.
Blade Length 190mm/7.5in
Weight 200g/7.1oz

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