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Bahco Lopper Heavy Duty 32 inch P19-80-F

Bahco Lopper Heavy Duty 32 inch P19-80-F


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Bahco's Super Light Loppers are expertly designed to maximize comfort and productivity. Durable lightweight aluminum handles with soft grips and shock-absorbing bumpers reduce muscle strain and fatigue for increased safety and efficiency. Locking center bolt mechanism ensures blades stay aligned for continuously clean, precise cuts. The P19 lopper's high-capacity carbon steel bypass blade effortlessly slices through large branches up to 50mm/2in without damaging the plants or blades. Bahco's innovative slicing technology ensures powerful cuts with minimal effort. Ideal for cutting thick, mature wood in landscape and forestry applications. Spare parts available. Made in France.
Cutting Capacity 50mm/2in
Length 800mm/31.5in
Weight 1790g/63oz

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