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Bahco Professional ER GO small handed Pruners PXR-S1

Bahco Professional ER GO small handed Pruners PXR-S1


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The Bahco Professional ER GO small handed Pruners PXR-S1 is developed according to the scientific ER GO™ process, with a rotating lower handle also covered with soft material. The rotating handle increases performance, designed for very frequent use and is designed for small hands. Weight 12.91 ounces. Cutting capacity 5/8 inch. Bahco PXR Professional ERGO Secateurs are expertly constructed with the finest matierals to maximize comfort and efficiency. Ergonomically designed with individuality in mind, Bahco's modular system provides a selection of cutting head and handle shapes and sizes to meet your exact needs. The Bahco PXR-S1 elastomer-coated rotating handle reduces joint pain and fatigue for a longer, more productive work life. Precision slicing blade technology provides effortlessly clean cuts without damaging the plants or blades. Ideal for frequent use in viticulture, pomology, and landscape applications. The PXR-S1 is built with small handles and small-sized blade for right handed users. Parts can be replaced and interchanged for a lifetime of evolving needs. Cutting Capacity 15mm/0.5in Weight 366g/12.9oz Hand size Small


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