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Bahco PX-M2 Professional Bypass Pruner (PX-M2)

Bahco PX-M2 Professional Bypass Pruner (PX-M2)


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Bahco Professional ERGO Secateurs are expertly constructed with the finest matierals to optimize performance and efficiency. Ergonomically designed with individuality in mind, Bahco's modular system provides an interchangeable selection of cutting heads and handles to meet your exact needs. The Bahco PX-M2 cutting head's vertical and lateral inclinations reduce hand and wrist demands for maximum comfort and productivity. Precision slicing blade technology provides effortlessly clean cuts without damaging the plants or blades. Ideal for use in viticulture, pomology, and landscape applications. Bahco PX-M2 built with medium rubber-coated composite steel handles and medium-sized blade for right handed users. Spare parts available. Made in France. Cutting Capacity 20mm/0.75in Weight 319g/11.25oz Hand size Medium


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