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Corona Arborist Tree Pruning System (6-12 ft) TP 6881

Corona Arborist Tree Pruning System (6-12 ft) TP 6881


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Corona's Dual Compound Action Arborist Tree Pruning System comes complete with their patented 16" MAX Forged saw blade, pruning head, and two six-inch fiberglass poles. Expertly designed dual-pulley system utilizes compound action to maximize performance for up to 3x times stronger, faster cutting power. Forged steel Radial Arc® hook and impulse-hardened Razor Tooth Saw® blade with quick connect ferrule effortlessly cut diameters up to 1.75 inches. Each blade tooth is whetstone ground and sharpened on three sides for superior precision and durability. Versatile dual-pole system enables individual or combined use of two 6" fiberglass sections with saw or pruning head to easily satisfy changing demands. Saw blade and mounting ferrule can also be purchased separately as AC 7672. Limited lifetime warranty. Replacement parts available.
Product Code TP 6881
Radial Arc® Blade Cutting Capacity 1.75in/44.5mm
Razor Tooth Saw® Blade Length 16in/406mm
Pole Length 6-12ft/183-366cm

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