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Felco 160L Model for Large Hands Pruner

Felco 160L Model for Large Hands Pruner


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Featured in Felco's "essential" line of pruners, the Felco 160L is an extraordinarily lightweight, comfortable model with exceptional cutting performance. Ergonomically shaped handles made of glass fiber reinforced high-resistance polymers account for the pruner's extreme lightness and comfortability loved by gardeners. Hardened steel blade and anvil blade are sturdy and reliable for continually clean cuts. Durable cutting adjustment can be counted on for increased ease and efficiency while working. All parts that suffer wear and tear are easily replaced. The F-160L is specifically sized for large hands. Made in Switzerland by Felco.
Weight 190/6.7oz
Length 220mm/8.7in
Cutting Capacity 25mm/1in
Hand Size Large

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