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Felco 73 Pneumatic Progressive cut Tool

Felco 73 Pneumatic Progressive cut Tool


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This is a FELCOmatic Felco 70 type model with a modified admission valve that allows progressive blade closure with the blade control lever. Swivel cutting head rotates 360 degrees for increased comfort. Micrometric adjustment ensures clean, precise cutting by providing optimal cutting head adjustment for the life of the tool. Active and passive blade locking features increase worker safety. The coil spring saves energy (air) and allows faster blade release. Double piston and forged aluminum cutting head support with lifetime guarantee are masterfully designed by the Swiss makers at Felco to create a lightweight, sturdy tool that provides effortless precision on a variety of pruning tasks.
Weight 710g/25 oz Length 260mm/10.2 in Cutting Capasity 30mm/1.2 in. Operating pressure is 100 PSI for medium cutting capacity to 210 PSI for large cutting capacity. 7 to 15 bars. Air consumption is 24 to 50 liters/min. Can be ordered with 60, 120, and 150 cm (23.6, 47.2, and 59.1 in.) extensions. Made in Switzerland by Felco. GTIN-783929100821

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