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Felco 812 Power Pruner Kit

Felco 812 Power Pruner Kit


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The Felco 812 electric pruning shears are the perfect combination of power and speed, with the versatility that makes them equally at home in vineyards. The rugged and durable aluminum body means they will be by your side for a lifetime. Compact, dependable and efficient, the ergonomic comfort of the handle will make you reluctant to put them down. Slicing through branches with diameters up to 35mm / 1.4inches is something you will now do with ease, as the slim cutting head is easily maneuvered to prune those hard to reach branches. With a simple double click of the trigger you can choose between a larger or smaller cutting head opening setting to cut more efficiently and quickly through larger or smaller branches. 

Plug in and power up your Felco 882 power pack and the Felco 880/196 standard battery to unleash powerful clean cutting over a full day of intensive pruning. Upgrade to the Felco 880/197 battery that fits perfectly inside the Felco 882 Power Pack that can be quickly recharged with a Felco charger in 180 minutes

Understanding the performance of the Felco 812 is as simple as reviewing the Felco application on the display of your smart phone or tablet, the application contains all the data about your tool from number of cuts to battery life, it also allows you to manage tool settings so you can keep it operating at the highest level of efficiency.

  • Pruner kit overall weight 5.70lbs
  • Pruning Shear weighs 1.79lb
  • Cutting Capacity 35mm / 1.4inches
  • 880/196 weights 1.82lb, 880/197 weights 3.00lb

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