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Notch 20' Nobasu 4 Section Polesaw 4373-42

Notch 20' Nobasu 4 Section Polesaw 4373-42


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The 20' Notch Nobasu 4373-42 Polesaw features Silky's advanced, yet smooth cutting blades. With protective scabbards, the saw operates similarly to other Silky saws. Made of sturdy aluminum, the saw resists bending and offers increased stability with its rectangular design. The newly improved cam collar locks with rib lock protection, ensuring that the pole extends securely without slipping. With an abrasion-resistant, low-profile grip, Notch provides superior control and ergonomic pruning. The quick connect saw head requires no tools, and the Nobasu saw weighs a mere 8.8 lbs. The blades are crafted from a special alloy steel that is harder and more wear-resistant than traditional blades, maintaining a superior cutting edge.

  • Nobasu — 20’ heavy duty models with larger diameter poles for greater stiffness
  • Rigid aluminum construction resists bending
  • Improved cam collar locks with rib lock protection
  • Abrasion resistant, low-profile grip for enhanced control and ergonomics during pruning
  • Quick connect saw head – no tools needed
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