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Zenport QZ402 Classic Professional Pruner QZ402

Zenport QZ402 Classic Professional Pruner QZ402


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The Zenport QZ402 8.5-inch classic professional landscape, bush, vine young tree and plant pruner has solid forged aluminum handles complemented by a precision-made hardened, replaceable blade. It is regarded as an industry standard pruner among professionals, loaded with many of the features that make this high performance classic pruner great to work with. The strong, solid-forged aluminum-alloy handles have easy-to-grip vinyl covers that are nearly unbreakable. The precision, hardened, replaceable cutting blade is as sharp as a surgeons scalpel. The anvil blade with a sap groove never needs sharpening and is long lasting. The hardened steel center bolt and nut with locking-segment assure exact adjustment of the closure of the blades. A rubber cushion and shock absorber provide smooth working and soft closing to spare your hands and wrists. Available professional replacement parts are compatible in performance and design with equivalent Swiss industry standard models. All parts are interchangeable with SWISS industry standard models. Cutting capacity 1-inch length 8.5-inches weighs 8.5 oz.

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